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The Penuel Foundation provides funds to help people suffering from health-related issues. We are seeking partners who are interested in helping people improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, we support nonprofits throughout the world.

Issues We Address

The lack of available resources for physical activity and nutritional counseling lead many to continue on the path to the health issue that tops many lists: obesity. Obesity is a problem that can lead to serious conditions and diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, breathing problems, and more. Physical health isn’t the only problem people face. Mental health conditions that go untreated can rip people from their lives and into downward spirals. Substance abuse plagues our youth and so many adults who “self-medicate” to deal with pain and struggles.

Solutions We Support

People need support to overcome health challenges. We are working to support nonprofits that provide fitness and nutrition programs to fight obesity and the health challenges associated with it. For those with substance abuse problems and no way to afford treatment, we aid treatment and recovery programs to extend their outreach. Relapse prevention and crisis support for those who have overcome substance abuse or those in crisis with their addiction. Programs that provide counseling and therapy for people with mental health diagnoses who have dropped off the radar of the agencies charged with their care are receiving funding from our initiative.

Mental and physical health are necessary to the successful empowerment for society.

“Your health is your real wealth.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

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