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Emergency & Disaster

Natural disasters and the emergency situations that result from their damage often leave people in dire straits. The Penuel Foundation supports the much-needed services provided by nonprofits in times of tragedies. Join us in helping people recover.

Issues We Address

When disaster strikes, all eyes are on the survivors. Are they housed? Do they have fresh water and food? Why did this happen to them? Is illness resulting from their post-disaster circumstances? Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and heat waves can all do untold damage to those unfortunate enough to be in their paths.

Solutions We Support

Victims of these unexpected events need our help. In some cases, we can prevent hardship with measures designed to make buildings more stable or drenching dry areas to stave off fires. Prevention can take the form of education of those areas more prone to certain dangers. When prevention isn’t an option, relief and recovery efforts move to the forefront. Nonprofits that provide clean water, safe shelter, food, medical care, and emotional support partner with The Penuel Foundation to provide necessary services to those in need.

“I rise from my worst disasters, I turn, I change.”
-Virginia Woolf, Author

Child Receiving Food

Help us provide relief to areas in need after natural disasters. Call 585-709-6791 or contact us to partner with The Penuel Foundation.

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